The basic tiny VM needs:
  • Ubuntu 6.06.1 Server (the basic install, not LAMP)
  • VMTools
  • SNMP so you can monitor it (I'm using Zenoss)
  • ssh so you can administer it
  • ntp as a client so it keeps time. For now I'll sync to my existing ntp server
  • basic firewall rules that allow the above
Build an ISO library in /usr/local/vmware/ISOs. Put in the Ubuntu CD and type:

mount /dev/cdrom
sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom0 of=/usr/local/vmware/ISOs/Ubuntu-6.06.1.iso

The VMTools ISOs are in the /tmp/vmware-server-distrib/lib/isoimages:

sudo cp /tmp/vmware-server-distrib/lib/isoimages/*.iso /usr/local/vmware/ISOs

Install VMTools. Here are some good instructions.

sudo apt-get install ssh ntp-simple snmpd snmp

(snmp is the package that contains snmpconf, which you need to set up snmp, and snmpwalk, which is useful for debugging.)

Configure the ntp server. I've set up an ntp server in the DNS, so I set the "server" line in /etc/ntp.conf to the following:

server ntp

And then restart ntp:

/etc/init.d/ntp-server restart

Run snmpconf to set up SNMP. That's probably a whole post in itself.

I'll do the firewall later. I've ignored my family for too long tonight.