IT Consulting

Project Initiation

Starting a project right can make a great contribution to its success. We can help you write feasibility studies, business cases and project charters that really guide the project. We've done lots of projects and we know what's works and what's doesn't.

Vendor Management

Vendors know their product. You know your business. You're too busy to make sure that the vendor is providing a solution to fit your business. We can fill that gap. Whether we write your Request for Proposal with clear requirements and test criteria, or simply sit at the table as your advocate, you'll see the value in a Jade consultant.

IT Service Delivery

When you're up to your backside in alligators, it's hard to remember that you're supposed to be draining the swamp. If you're firefighting instead of managing proactively, call us. We'll provide a consultant to take the heat off you, so you can manage to the long term.