Infrastructure Analysis Report

Would you like to know where you're overspending on IT infrastructure dollars? Would you like to know when you're going to have to buy more disk storage? Do you know how often your network or servers are down? The Infrastructure Analysis Report service is for you.

If you have ten staff performing routine monitoring for one hour every day, you can save more than an FTE with this service. If you're over-provisioning memory by a gigabyte per server over 50 servers, you can save about C$10,000 per year (over a three year refresh cycle).

Thinking about virtualization? The Infrastructure Analysis Report gives you great background on which servers are candidates, and provides a baseline to demonstrate that virtualization improved IT service.

Our standard Infrastructure Analysis Report can be delivered to you weekly, monthly or quarterly. With the included half-hour conference call per report, you can really get a handle on your infrastructure, for far less money than you might think.

If you don't have an enterprise network and server monitoring tool in place and you have more than 30 servers, this is the ideal service for you. We provide Zenoss Core, a free, open-source enterprise management tool. Then we collect results, analyze trends, and summarize the key information that you need to make the right decisions for your business. As a bonus, you get to explore the full power of Zenoss.

Disaster Recovery Site Verification

It's very difficult and expensive to test your disaster recovery site. One common problem when failing over to a DR site is that something was changed at the main site, but the change wasn't made at the DR site. Based on our standard Infrastructure Analysis Report, we can monitor changes to your infrastructure and notify you when your disaster recovery site gets out of sync.

Enhanced Infrastructure Analysis

Building on the Infrastructure Analysis Report, we can customize the report to capture other key metrics, drill down in the data to explain anomalies, or provide specific data to support business case development. Our senior analysts can give you the information you need.

In-House Infrastructure Reporting

Have you already invested in an enterprise network and server monitoring tool, but feel you're not getting the information you need from it? We'll work with your people or bring in expert consultants to set up the processes and procedures to get something like our standard Infrastructure Analysis Report without disrupting your current infrastructure.