My son is fascinated with videos. I dream that one day he'll get fascinated by making them, not just watching them. So I've been trying to learn about making videos. Here's what I had to reinstall on my new computer.

First, playing video (and audio, for that matter) has worked out of the box much better with 11.04 than with previous versions of Ubuntu. I play my Guatemalan radio station and CBC audio and video without having to fool around with any setup.

To make videos, I loaded up OpenShot. 

sudo apt-get install openshot

That didn't install ffmpeg, which has been my main fallback tool. It seems to be the tool that does everything, although as a command line tool, I find I usually just cut and paste an example command line from the Internet. It's not that I'm afraid of the Linux command line. It's that I don't know anything about video. So:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

That seems to be all that was needed.