In this blog I’m going to write about issues that I run into when trying to implement information technology in the real world. Most of my life has been spent as a software developer, but over the last few years (and at certain times in the past) I’ve worked on the infrastructure side. I started in IT when an IBM S/370 (predecessor of the computer that my son Marc is standing beside) filled a room.

System 390

Throughout my career I’ve been cursed by a need to provide real value to my clients, whether it be in the software I was building or the infrastructure I was implementing. (I’ll explain why I say “cursed” in a later posting, since this posting is mainly to test out the blog.) I’ve seen a lot of value left on the table or even destroyed by qualified, competent IT people who had the best intentions, and I hope to explore why in this blog.

Therefore, I hope the flavour of this blog is almost as a sort of consumer advocate for the person purchasing IT. It’s aimed squarely at IT managers and anyone who makes IT buying decisions. I hope it’s also interesting to the technologists who make and sell information technology. I hope you find it interesting enough to comment on.